DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1006.2018.00245

Acta Agronomica Sinica (作物学报) 2018/44:2 PP.245-259

Endosperm Structure of Grains at Different Positions of Rice Panicle and Regulation Effect of Irrigation Regimes on It during Grain Filling

In this study, an indica cultivar Yangdao 6 and a japonica cultivar Wuyunjing 24 were used to observe the changes in endosperm structure of grains at different positions of panicle with scanning electron microscope. Three irrigation treatments, namely shallow water layer (CK), alternate wetting and moderate drying (WMD), and alternate wetting and severe drying (WSD), were designed to investigate the effect of irrigation regimes on grain yield and grain endosperm structure. The endosperm structure formation in grains was earlier at the upper part of panicle than at the mid part of panicle, and earlier than at the lower part of panicle; the formation was earlier on a primary branch than on a secondary branch, and earlier in superior grains than in inferior grains. Compared with CK, WMD significantly increased grain yield. The starch granule in endosperm of grains at the lower part of panicle showed more compact arrangement, and that in the back part of grains was more crowded and even more adhered each other under WMD than under CK. Under WSD, the endosperm structure in grains showed that the starch granule arrangement was looser, the granule volume was decreased, and the differences in granule size and the gap between granules were increased, relative to those under CK. The effect of irrigation regimes on endosperm structure varied with grain positions, which was the most significant on the belly of grains at the secondary branch located at the lower part of panicle. The results suggest that the formation of endosperm structure in the grains at different parts of panicle is closely related to days after anthesis. WMD may improve, whereas WSD deteriorate, the endosperm structure of grains at the lower part of rice panicle. Soil water potential -20 kPa can be used as the low limit of soil water potential index in the water-saving irrigation for improving endosperm structure in grains during the grain filling period of rice.

Key words:rice,grain position,endosperm structure,starch granule,irrigation regimes

ReleaseDate:2018-03-08 10:13:40

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