DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1006.2018.00306

Acta Agronomica Sinica (作物学报) 2018/44:2 PP.306-312

Analysis of Brown Rust Resistance Inheritance Based on Field Phenotypes and Detection of Bru1 Gene in Sugarcane

With characteristics of high pathogenic spore yield and strong popularity, sugarcane brown rust caused by Puccinia melanocephala leads to a serious loss in sugarcane yield and sucrose content. An understanding of the inheritance of brown rust resistance will contribute to parent selections and combination arrangements, while an efficient technique for resistance identification is necessary for selection of segregated individuals. Combination phenotypic survey with Bru1 gene detection, the segregated population derived from crossing combinations with different brown rust resistances was used to explore rust resistance inheritance and evaluate the efficiency of Bru1 gene detection. The undetected rate of Bru1 gene in the individuals with rust sensitivity at the stage of prosperous epidemic peak was 96.7%, while the detected rate in all uninfected individuals was only 66.0% in spite of two from four combinations showed 100.0% in resistant individuals. It indicates the disease sensitivity and resistance can be estimated based on the detection of Bru1 gene in the genetic background with rust resistance regulated by Bru1. In addition, none of the healthy individuals in the segregated population derived from combination of CP84-1198×Yunzhe 89-7 have Bru1 gene been detected, suggesting the new resistance genes, different from Bru1, are present in sugarcane gene pool. In addition, both maternal and paternal components affected the rust susceptibility of their offspring, but male parent other than female parent tended to transmit a higher frequency of rust-susceptible genes.

Key words:sugarcane,brown rust,segregation population,inheritance of disease resistance,Bru1 gene,incidence rate

ReleaseDate:2018-03-08 10:13:40

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