DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1006.2019.84097

Acta Agronomica Sinica (作物学报) 2019/45:5 PP.714-727

Effects of straw strip mulching on furrows and planting in ridges on water use efficiency and tuber yield in dryland potato

Field experiments were conducted to study the effects of different mulching materials and ridge-furrow widths on potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) growth, tuber yield, soil moisture and water use efficiency in a semiarid rain-fed ecosystem in northwest China in 2016 and 2017. Four treatments were performed:(1) alternating narrow furrows and wide ridges with corn straw strip mulching only on narrow furrows and planting in the wide ridges (RFWN); (2) alternating micro-ridge-furrows with corn straw strip mulching only on furrows and planting in the ridges (RFN); (3) alternating small and large ridges full mulching with black plastic film and planting in the large ridges (RFB), and (4) traditional-flat planting without mulching (CK). Compared with CK, mulching treatments significantly decreased total evapotranspiration by 6.1%-13.2%, increased average soil water content (1.2-1.8 m depth) by 7.6% at tuber initiation stage, and RFB treatment significantly increased soil water content (0-0.2 m) by 30.3% at starch accumulation stage in the dry year of 2016. In the normal precipitation year of 2017, the total evapotranspiration in RFB was 22.2% lower than that in CK, and there was no significant difference in total evapotranspiration observed among the RFWN, RFN and CK treatments. The average soil water content (0-2 m depth) in mulching treatments was 8.7%, 13.0%, and 13.1% higher than that in CK, respectively, at tuber initiation, tuber bulking and starch accumulation stage in 2017. Compared with CK, mulching treatments significantly increased soil water storage (0-2 m), weight of dry matter per plant and final plant height by 5.4%-15.5%, 12.8%-147.4%, and 21.1-39.7 cm, respectively, and thus enhanced tuber yield and water use efficiency by 51.6%-88.2% and 68.2%-111.7% in both years, respectively. The tuber yield, water use efficiency and net income for RFN treatment was the highest increasing on average by 87.8%, 97.5%, and 254.2%, respectively, in both years. In addition, RFN had the advantages of simple operation, the environmentally friendly and the highest input/output ratio compared with the treatment of plastic film mulching. Hence, RFN is the best cultivation model for dryland potato.

Key words:ridges-furrows culture,plastic film mulching,straw strip mulching only on furrows,dryland potato,tuber yield,water use efficiency

ReleaseDate:2019-11-05 15:30:01

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