DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1160.2013.00317

Acta Analysis Functionalis Applicata (应用泛函分析学报) 2013/15:4 PP.317-330

Another Eigenvalue of the M/M/1 Queueing Model with Compulsory Server Vacations

We study eigenvalues on the left half plane of the underlying operator which corresponds to the M/M/1 queueing model with compulsory server vacations and obtain that((λ-μ-b)-((b+μ)2-3λ2-μb)1/2)/2 is an eigenvalue of the underlying operator with geometric multiplicity one.

Key words:M/M/1 queueing model with compulsory server vacations,eigenvalue,geometric multi-plicity

ReleaseDate:2015-04-21 14:22:07

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