DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1004.2013.00069

Acta Automatica Sinica (自动化学报) 2013/39:1 PP.69-80

Study on Trajectory Planning of Dual-arm Space Robot Keeping the Base Stabilized

Aiming at the case that the base is required to be stabilized by a balance arm while a dual-arm space robotic system performing on-orbit missions, we propose coordinated trajectory planning methods of two typical applications-keeping the base centroid fixed (approximately; the same below); keeping the base attitude and centroid position fixed synchronously. Firstly, the concept of "system centroid equivalent manipulator" is presented, and its kinematic model is derived. Based on the resolution of the position-level kenematic equation, the trajectory of the balance arm for stabilizing the base centroid is planned. Secondly, combining with the control of a reaction flywheel, the base attitude and centroid can be kept fixed at the same time. The desired angular speed of the flywheel is determined according to the angular momentum conservation law. Finally, the multi-body dynamic model of a dual-arm space robotic system is developed and simulation study is carried out. The proposed methods overcome the singularity problem which is un-avoidable for previous approaches based on differential kinematics. Furthermore, there are not special requirements on the mass properties and installation position of the balance arm. Simulation results verify the proposed methods.

Key words:Space robot, dual-arm coordination, target capturing, path planning

ReleaseDate:2014-07-21 17:05:27

Funds:National Natural Science Foundation of China (61175098), Aerospace Science and Technology Innovation Fund (CASC201102)