DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1037.2013.00290

Acta Metallurgica Sinica (金属学报) 2013/49:12 PP.1549-1557


Ocean engineering steel has been rapidly developed with the exploration of ocean re-Bourses. A 690 MPa grade low carbon bainite steel was designed for ocean engineering, to upgrade per-formance饰microstructure control and the refinement and dispersion control of precipitates. This steel was tempered on-line with rapid heating rate after control rolling and accelerated cooling process. The results show that the mechanical properties, especially the strength-toughness balance, are strongly influenced by the transformation of untransformed austenite and the condition of precipitates. When fast tempering at 550℃,microstructure recovered and few precipitates appeared, bringing strength down seriously, untransformed austenite turned into martensite/austenite (M/A) islands on cooling.When the tempering temperature reached 600℃,the size of the M/A islands transformed from untrans-formed austenite decreased slightly, Cu and Nb/Ti precipitates increased greatly, bringing an apparent improvement in strength. When tempering temperature reached 660℃,precipitates got coarsened and made the strength decreases, the untransformed austenite formed retained austenite film between the laths, improving toughness and making the best strengthtoughness balance. When the temper-ing temperature reached the top at 700℃,the precipitates got further coarsened, the untransformed austenite on cooling turned into large M/A islands, bringing toughness and the strength-toughness balance down again. In general consideration, fast heating tempering at 600-660℃could make the steel has the best strength-toughness balance.

Key words:heating rate,tempering temperature,ocean engineering,untransformed austenite precipitate

ReleaseDate:2015-03-06 17:47:00

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