DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1248.2013.260

Advances in Climate Change Research 2013/4:4 PP.260-266

Analysis of Potential for HFC-23 Emission Reduction in China's Fluorine Chemical Industry

China is one of the major producers of chlorodifluoromethane(HCFC-22)in the world.A large amount of fluoroform(HFC-23)is emitted during the production of HCFC-22.Emission factors of HFC-23 were calculated in accordance with the monitoring reports of eleven HFC-23 clean development mechanism(CDM)projects in China and the HFC-23emissions in 2000-2010 as well as that in 2011-2020 were estimated and projected,respectively.It is expected that,by the end of 2020,emissions of HFC-23 in China will be as much as 230 Mt CO2-eq.If HCFC-22 producers voluntarily reduced HFC-23 emissions,it would contribute 3.2%-3.6%to the national CO2emission reduction target for 2020.

Key words:greenhouse gas,HFC-23,potential for emission reduction

ReleaseDate:2015-04-16 21:10:00

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