DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1085.2013.00273

Advances in Polar Science 2013/24:4 PP.273-280

Spatial variability of soil nutrients in Punta Fort William,Greenwich Island,maritime Antarctic

This study aims to report baseline soil nutrients,specifically the organic carbon,nitrogen and phosphorus profile,in soil samples collected from Punta Fort William on Greenwich Island in maritime Antarctic.Samples were collected along two transect lines during the early summer of 2008.Ward's method of hierarchical agglomerative clustering was employed to group the sampling points based on their physico-chemical properties.In this context,the soil samples can be grouped into three major clusters:(1)Samples with intensive biological activities,(2)samples from the area recently exposed by glacial retreat and(3)samples from barren and dried areas.Nutrient contents in Punta Fort William are driven by the intensity of biological activities as well as melt water from the Quito glacier.

Key words:soil nutrients,Antarctic,nitrogen,phosphorus,South Shetland Islands

ReleaseDate:2015-04-16 13:27:17

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