DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1042.2019.00020

Advances in Psychological Science (心理科学进展) 2019/27:1 PP.20-26

Skills of visual attention span in developmental dyslexia

A specific deficit in individuals with developmental dyslexia has been repeatedly found in many tasks that had one aspect in common, that was, the processing of multiple visual elements in parallel. This skill is regarded as the visual attention span. This paper reviews the relevant literature about the visual attention span of the dyslexics in the contexts of alphabetic languages and Chinese. Currently, the relevant findings have been still in debate, and the inconsistent results may be attributed to the differences in orthographic depth of the background language and the participants' ages. Future studies can further explore the relationship between visual attention span and reading disability through the methods of the intervention study and cross-language comparison; meanwhile the neural mechanisms underlying the visual attention span of Chinese individuals with dyslexia could be investigated by the neuroimaging techniques.

Key words:visual attention span,Chinese reading,developmental dyslexia,orthographic depth

ReleaseDate:2019-01-28 10:22:46

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