DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1148.2011.00111

Arid Zone Research (干旱区研究) 2011/28:1 PP.111-117

Structure and Dynamic Change of Natural Pinus tabulaeformis Populations in the Ziwuling Forested Area

Pinus tabulaeformis is an important endemic species in the Loess Plateau, and it has a pivotal role in improving local ecological environment. In this paper, the types of P. tabulaeformis population structure were analyzed with sampling method. The laws of dynamic change of P. tabulaeformis population were analyzed using the static life table and survival curve. The results show that the P. tabulaeformis populations were in an inversed J-shaped distribution, and their age structure belonged to a typical growth type. The height structure was in a reverse pyramid-like form, most trees were 2-6 and 8-14 m high (76.4%), the tree number was decreased with the increase of crown size, and the proportion of the trees with crown size smaller than 6 m2 was 85.5%. There was a close correlation between the tree height and DBH, and the correlation between the crown size and DBH was closer than that between tree height and crown size. Mortality of both seedlings and saplings was low, and the survival curves of P. tabulaeformis populations were between Deevey Ⅱ and Deevey Ⅲ. According to the structure and dynamic laws of P. tabulaeformis populations, it can create more economic returns and ecological benefits to take the suitable artificial rearing and conserving measures.

Key words:Pinus tabulaeformis,population structure,survival curve,Malan forested area,Ziwuling,Loess Plateau

ReleaseDate:2014-07-21 15:54:39

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