DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1096.2013.30281

Chinese Journal of Analytical Chemistry (分析化学) 2013/41:12 PP.1910-1914

Determination of Phosphite, Phosphate, Glyphosate and Aminomethylphosphonic Acid by Two-Dimensional Ion Chromatography System Coupled with Capillary Ion Chromatography

A method was developed for the determination of phosphite, phosphate, glyphosate and aminomethylphosphonic acid (AMPA) in natural water by two-dimensional ion chromatography system coupled with capillary ion chromatography (2D-CIC). After filtrated by 0.22 μm filter membrane, 25 μL of samples was injected into the first dimension, where an AS11-HC analytical column was used, for preliminary separation. According to the retention time in the first dimension, the target ions were switched to MAX-100 capillary column of the second dimension for further separation. The flow rates were 0.38 mL/min in the first dimension and 0.01 mL/min in the second with KOH gradient elution, respectively. Suppressed conductivity detectors were employed for detection. The external standard calibration curve was used for the quantitative analysis. The results showed that the detection limits(S/N=3) were 0.18 nmol/L for phosphite, 0.073 nmol/L for phosphate, 0.15 nmol/L for glyphosate and 2.6 nmol/L for AMPA. The relative standard deviation (RSD, n=6) of peak area ranged from 2.7% to 4.6%. The recoveries ranged from 80.1% to 118.4%.

Key words:Two-dimensional ion chromatography system coupled with capillary ion chromatography,Phosphite,Phosphate,Glyphosate,Aminomethylphosphonic acid

ReleaseDate:2015-04-19 11:08:19

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