DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1096.2013.30638

Chinese Journal of Analytical Chemistry (分析化学) 2013/41:12 PP.1915-1918

Determination of Arsenic in High Salinity and Calcium Chloride Type Groundwater by Dynamic Reaction Cell-Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry

A new procedure for the direct determination of total arsenic in high salinity and CaCl2 type groundwater has been developed. In order to remove the polyatomic interferences 40Ar35Cl+, 40Ca35Cl+, 39K36Ar+ arising from the direct analysis of high salinity and CaCl2 type groundwater, 75As+, the mass for general detection, was effectively changed to 75As16O+ which could be detected at m/z 91 by reaction with oxygen in a Dynamic Reaction Cell (DRC). The DRC parameters were optimized, the background equivalent concentration (BEC) was minimum when O2 gas flow rate was 0.1 mL/min and the rejection parameter q (RPq) of DRC was 0.55. The signal intensity of 75As16O+ was improved 4-fold by addition of 3% methanol into sample solution. The accuracy was verified by the analysis of certified reference materials of sea-water (CASS-5, NASS-4). Detection limits of 0.011 μg/L and the relative standard deviation of 1.8% were obtained.

Key words:Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry,Arsenic,Calcium chloride type groundwater,High salinity groundwater

ReleaseDate:2015-04-19 11:08:21

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