DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1096.2013.30595

Chinese Journal of Analytical Chemistry (分析化学) 2013/41:12 PP.1923-1927

Micro- Inductively Coupled Plasma as Excitation Source Used for Qualitative Analysis of Gas Sample

A micro inductively coupled plasma (ICP) excitation source which was consisted of microcircuit components and excitation discharge chamber was designed. The microcircuit components were etched on the PCB (Printed Circuit Board), and it included the planar spiral-shaped coil and the interdigital capacitor (resonant capacitor and impedance matching capacitor). The discharge chamber is Stainless steel, one side is quartz glass exit for light, on the other side is "O" type sealing ring which is fluorine rubber, and it will bond with micro circuit components through vacuum. The discharge chamber also has vacuum and gas supply device. The excitation source's working gas argon is 100 Pa, RF (Rradio Frequency) drive power is 5-20 W, drive frequency is 13.56 MHz. Using the excitation source and Avantes AvaSpec-ULS3648 fiber optic spectrometer built into a miniature ICP spectrometer, we test methane, acetylene sample, and detected acetylene perssad (C≡C 471.52 nm, C≡C 516.52 nm), methane perssad (CH+3 348.4 nm, C≡C 512.9 nm, etc.). It shows that the miniature ICP excitation source has the excitation capability for acetylene and methane samples, and it can be used for qualitative analysis. The micro-ICP excitation source has the characteristics of small volume, low cost and low carrier gas consumption. With the future researches, the micro-ICP excitation source is expected to become a new excitation source for gas sample spectrometer.

Key words:Miniature,Inductively coupled plasma,Excitation source,Methane,Acetylene

ReleaseDate:2015-04-19 11:08:24

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