DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1095.2013.30147

Chinese Journal of Applied Chemistry (应用化学) 2013/30:12 PP.1476-1480

The Electrocatalytic Activity of Gold/Tungsten Carbide XC Catalyst for the Oxygen Reduction and Its Formic Acid Tolerance Ability

The gold/active carbon(Au/XC) and gold/tungsten carbide XC(Au/WC-XC) catalysts were prepared with the polyvinyl alcohol(PVA) protection method and their electrocatalytic activity for the oxygen reduction and formic acid tolerance ability were investigated. It was found that the electrocatalytic activity of the Au/WC-XC catalyst for the oxygen reduction is much better than that of the Au/XC catalyst. In addition, the Au/WC-XC catalyst has a high formic acid tolerance ability. Thus, the Au/WC-XC catalyst is suitable to be used as the cathodic catalyst in direct formic acid fuel cell.

Key words:direct formic acid fuel cell,carbon supported gold catalyst,tungsten carbide,formic acid tolerance ability

ReleaseDate:2015-06-08 13:48:06

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