DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1095.2013.20546

Chinese Journal of Applied Chemistry (应用化学) 2013/30:12 PP.1453-1462

Synthesis, Structure and Mimic Haloperoxidase Catalytic Activity of Peroxovanadium Complexes

Based on mimicking the environment of the active center of vanadium haloperoxidase(V-HPOs), we designed and synthesized two kinds of peroxovanadium complexes:Na[VO(O2)2(C10H8N2)]·8H2O(1) and K3H[(VO)2(O2)4(μ2-O)]·H2O(2), which were structurally characterized by X-ray single crystal diffraction, elemental analysis, IR and UV-Vis spectroscopies. Structural analyses reveal that complex 1 crystallized in an triclinic system with space group P-1, a=0.7213(2) nm, b=1.1269(4) nm, c=1.3728(4) nm, α=68.349(4)°, β=89.178(4) °, γ=88.050(4)°, V=1.0365(6) nm3 and the complex 2 crystallized in an monoclinic system with space group P21/c, a=0.67047(12) nm, b=0.99503(18) nm, c=1.5817(3) nm, α=γ=90°, β=93.739(2)°, V=1.0530(3) nm3. Complex 1 has a distorted pentagonal bipyramidal geometry, while complex 2 has a distorted octahedron geometry. In addition, by studying the bromination reaction activity, it shows that the peroxovanadium complexes can be considered as a potential functional model of bromoperoxidase.

Key words:vanadium haloperoxidase,peroxovanadium complex,crystal structure,catalytic activity

ReleaseDate:2015-06-08 15:37:32

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