DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1145.2010.00084

Chinese Journal of Appplied Environmental Biology (应用与环境生物学报) 2010/16:1 PP.84-90

Producing Dendrolimus punctatus Cytoplasmic Polyhedrosis Virus in Substitutive Host Spodoptera exigua*

The infectivity and genetic stability of Dendrolimus punctatus Cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus propagated in the substitutive host Spodoptera exigua were investigated. DpCPV-Se3, which was propagated in S. exigua for three passages, had identical electrophoresis pattern with the original isolate. They did not differ in polyhedra and virion morphology under the electron microscope. According the results of bioassays, DpCPV-Se3 had a similar infectivity with original isolate against the second instars of D. punctatus and the median lethal concentration (LC50) of DpCPV-Se3 (0.92×103 PIB/mL) was not significantly different from that of the original isolate (1.44×103 PIB/mL). Sequencing analysis indicated that the variations of S7 and S10 fragments between DpCPV-Se3 and DpCPV were minor. The results indicated that S. exigua might be a good substitutive host for the mass-production of DpCPV for biological control. Fig 6, Tab 2, Ref 23

Key words:Dendrolimus punctatus,cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus,Spodoptera exigua,substitutive host

ReleaseDate:2014-07-21 15:16:33

Funds:Supported by the Special Project of Poverty Alleviation of Chinese Academy of Sciences (No. KSCX2-YW-N-011)

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