DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1016.2013.02577

Chinese Journal of Computers (计算机学报) 2013/36:12 PP.2577-2586

Design of Memristive Neural Network PID Controller

Memristor is a novel kind of electronic device whose resistance can continuously change depending on the charge or flux passing through it, and has unique advantages in the applications of nonvolatile memory and artificial neural networks. The intelligent PID controllers play an essential role in modern control field. Based on the study of conventional single neuron and neural network PID controller, this paper presents an approach to the memristive weight updating which is similar to the biologic synapse, and puts forward a model of the memristive single neuron and neural network controllers. According to the stipulating theory, the program simulation and Simulink modeling have been already provided. Experimental results verify the effectiveness of proposed scheme. It would be beneficial for the development of the modern intelligent PID controller and expect to promote the hardware realization of the neural network PID controller.

Key words:memristor,single neuronal PID controller,neural network PID controller,MATLAB simulation,intelligent control

ReleaseDate:2014-07-21 17:04:09