DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1009.2013.00684

Chinese Journal of Natural Medicines (中国天然药物) 2013/11:6 PP.684-689

Selective hydrolysis of flavonoid glycosides by Curvularia lunata

Twelve flavonoid glycosides were involved in the biotransformation of the glycosyl moieties by Curvularia lunata 3.4381, and the products were analyzed by UPLC/PDA-Q-TOF-MSE. Curvularia lunata displayed hydrolyzing activities on the terminal Rha or Glc units of some flavonoid glycosides. Terminal Rha with a 1→2 linkage of isorhamnetin-3-O-neohesperidoside and typhaneoside could be hydrolyzed by Curvularia lunata, but terminal Rha with a 1→6 linkage of rutin, typhaneoside, and querce-tin-3-O-apiosyl-(1→2)-[rhamnosyl-(1→6)]-glucoside could not be hydrolyzed. Curvularia lunata could also hydrolyze the Glc of icariin, floramanoside B, and naringin. This is the first report of the hydrolysis of glycosyl units of flavonoid glycosides by Curvularia lunata. A new way to convert naringin to naringenin was found in this research.

Key words:Biotransformation,Flavonoid glycosides,Curvularia lunata,Rhamnosyl,Glucosyl,Selective Hydrolysis

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