DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1009.2013.00699

Chinese Journal of Natural Medicines (中国天然药物) 2013/11:6 PP.699-704

Contribution evaluation of the floral parts to orientin and vitexin concentrations in the flowers of Trollius chinensis

AIM: To provide a comprehensive procedure to evaluate the contribution of the floral parts to the yield of the major components from the flowers of Trollius chinensis, to underlay the selective breeding, cultivation, development, and utilization of the flowers. METHODS: Five floral parts from eleven batches of the flowers of T. chinensis were examined by HPLC analysis for the content of orientin and vitexin, and by gravimetric analysis for their respective mass fraction. The contribution of each floral part was calculated using mathematical methods based on the results of the content and mass fraction. Variance analysis was carried out by Kruskal-Wallis H test and PCA method. RESULTS: The calculated mean contributions of calyx, corolla, stamens and pistils, stalk, and ovary to the yield of both orientin and vitexin were 76.99% and 71.93%, 9.60% and 8.33%, 9.21% and 8.10%, 2.17% and 6.62%, and 2.03% and 5.02%, respectively. CONCLUSION: The floral parts contribute unequally to the yield of orientin and vitexin, and the calyx contrib-utes the highest and makes a significant difference compared with any other part.

Key words:Trollius chinensis,Floral parts,Orientin,Vitexin

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