DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1084.2013.00369

Chinese Journal of Polar Research (极地研究) 2013/25:4 PP.369-377


The study of 99 meteorites that were collected from the Grove Mountains, Antarctica, indicates that these meteorites belong to ordinary chondrite groups H, L, and LL, Ureilite and carbonaceous chondrite. Among these meteorites, 97 are ordinary chondrites, including 1 H3, 23 H4, 9 H5, 8 H6, 2 L4, 21 L5, 31 L6, 1 LL4 and 1 LL6. Two other meteorites are olivine-pigeonite ureilite (GRV 022888) and CV3 carbonaceous chondrite (GRV 023159). Some of these meteorites experienced a high degree shock, and in fact 16 members were heavily shocked samples (15 S4 and 1 S5). These heavily shocked meteorites are favorable samples for the study of early shock history of asteroids. The weathering degree of these meteorites is slight, and shock effects are shown in all types but the S6. These meteorites experienced only weak weathering.

Key words:Grove Mountains, Antarctic meteorite, ordinary chondrite, CV3, Ureilite

ReleaseDate:2014-07-21 16:59:39

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