DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1084.2013.00378

Chinese Journal of Polar Research (极地研究) 2013/25:4 PP.378-385


The petrography and mineral chemistry of three carbonaceous chondrites (GRV 020025, 021579 and 022459) collected from the Grove Mountains (GRV), Antarctica, are presented here. All three chondrites are unequilibrated. The modal abundance ratios of matrix/chondrule are 2.8 (GRV 020025), 1.2 (GRV 021579) and 1 (GRV 022459). GRV 022459 has the largest chondrules (0.6-2.0 mm) among these meteorites. A total 27 Ca-, Al-rich inclusions have been found in thin sections of the three chondrites. Except for one spinel-spherule in each GRV 020025 and 021579, all other inclusions can be classified either as Type A (or Type A-like) or spinel-pyroxene-rich inclusions. Most of the inclusions are intensively altered, with abundant phyllosilicates in the inclusions from GRV 020025 and FeO-enrichment of the spinel in GRV 022459. Finally, we look forward to a stepped study of Antarctica carbonaceous chondrites.

Key words:petrography and mineral chemistry, Ca, Al-rich inclusions, carbonaceous chondrites, Antarctica

ReleaseDate:2014-07-21 16:59:40

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