DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1005.2008.00463

Hereditas (Beijing) (遗传) 2008/30:4 PP.463-468

Study on the relationships between polymorphisms ofCXCR2gene and milk quality and mastitis of dairy cow

PCR-SSCP was applied to analyze the polymorphisms ofCXCR2gene and its relationships with milk quality and mastitis in 160 cattle samples including Holstein dairy cow, Simmental dairy cow and Tongjiang cattle. The results showed that there were 3 SNP loci in CXCR2 gene, which located at 684 bp, 777 bp, 861 bp, respectively. Five alleles (A, B, C, EandF) were determined based on the 3 SNP loci. The genotypes for each locus wereBCandCC, AA and AB, CC andBCat 685 bp, 777 bp and 861 bp, respectively. Results also demonstrated that genotypesBC, CCandFFwere probably relevant with mastitis, butAA, BBandEEmay resist the mastitis of cattle. The genotypesAA, AB andEEmay have better milk quality (extremely significant difference or significant difference) than other genotypes.

Key words:CXCR2gene,polymorphism,mastitis,milk quality

ReleaseDate:2014-07-21 14:08:33

Funds:Supported by National 115 Key Technology R&D Program (No.2006BAD04A17)

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