DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1087.2013.03350

Journal of Computer Applications (计算机应用) 2013/33:12 PP.3350-3353

Design and implementation of E-mail security service system with cloud computing

E-mail security scanning software is being widely used. With the rapid increase of user number and system flow, there are insurmountable problems in terms of performance, robustness, maintainability and scalability in the traditional tightly-coupled and synchronous IMHS (Inter-scan Message Hosted Security) system. With regards to the system bottleneck by the mass users, a loosely-coupled, asynchronous, stateless principle was proposed for system design. Through the integration of cloud computing and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) technique, a P2P-based E-mail secure cloud service system was designed and implemented. The system supports dynamic collaborative process, and effectively improves the efficiency of resource use and system scalability. The results and analysis of typical operation tests in real system verify the feasibility and effectiveness of the system architecture.

Key words:cloud computing,E-mail security service,Service Oriented Architecture (SOA),Peer-to-Peer (P2P),REpresentational State Transfer (REST)

ReleaseDate:2014-07-21 16:59:41