DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1187.2013.00823

Journal of Electronic Measurement and Instrument (电子测量与仪器学报) 2013/27:9 PP.823-830

Jitter measurement for large opto-electronic telescope using accelerometers

In order to overcome the limitation for the traditional jitter measurement methods,a novel method using accelerometers for jitter measurement was proposed.The principles for accelerometers were first introduced and the placement of the accelerometers was discussed.The time domain and frequency domain data processing methods were studied and the limitation for time domain methods was analyzed.The frequency domain integral method was presented which can caculate the statistic characteristics of the jitter using acceleration measurement.In the end,the jitter measurement experiment was performed on a 1 m telescope.The experimental results show that the root mean square (RMS) of the jitter can be calculated for arbitrary frequency intervals between 0.5 Hz and 500 Hz.The jitter RMS under static conditions is less than 0.21 arcsecond and less than 0.35 arcsecond under close loop conditions.The accelerometers can reflect the cogging torque,friction torque and wind torque,ground based vibration simultaneously.This method can supply data support for the optimal mechanical designs,control bandwidth designs and the ultimate performance evaluation of the system.

Key words:jitter,accelerometer,frequency integral,large opto-electronic telescope

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