DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1187.2013.00837

Journal of Electronic Measurement and Instrument (电子测量与仪器学报) 2013/27:9 PP.837-843

The choice and fixing of deformation measurement equipment for vehicle theodolite

The deformation of vehicular platform will have a certain influence on the angle measuring precision of the vehicular theodolite,so it is difficult to reach high-precision measurement for the vehicular theodolite. In order to measure the deformation of vehicular platform,this paper analyzes the deformation cause and bound of vehicular platform,and presents the technology to measure the deformation of vehicular platform based on inclinometer. First,the working principle and technical criterion of the inclinometer is introduced. Then,the finite element analysis is used to analyze the vertical axes deformation of phototheodolite,and the three-dimensional finite element model of theodolite is built. Finally,it is concluded that the above deformation of vertical axes is 0.868 6 μm,the below deformation of vertical axes is 0.289 5 μm. The data analysis shows that the deformation difference of vertical axes is very small when vehicular theodolite is working. The inclinometer is fixed in the underside of vertical axes based on above conclusion,it provides a theoretical reference and technical support for high-precision measurement of vehicular theodolite.

Key words:vehicular theodolite,deformation,inclinometer,finite element analysis

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