DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1187.2013.00844

Journal of Electronic Measurement and Instrument (电子测量与仪器学报) 2013/27:9 PP.844-849

Generation method of line transfer signal in TDI CCD panorama aerial camera

TDI CCD panoramic camera requires charge transfer signals in one line to finish the TDI transfer. In order to achieve the requirements of camera resolution,the image speed and charge transfer speed should be matched synchronously. Generally,it adopts fixed frequency line transfer signal or servo charge transfer signal in one line generated by the encoder. This paper analyzes the shortcomings about the two methods,and proposes new charge transfer signal in one line generation method based on the gyro value,namely by calculating the divider ratio according to the gyro data and producing charge transfer signal in one line of high frequency clock divider by ratio. Finally,the relation between the frequency error of line transfer signal and image motion is analyzed. This new method is verified by Environmental Laboratory. By using long focal length to simulate the target and the camera fixed on a vibrating platform to simulate carrier vibration environment,the imaging resolution reaches more than 62 lp/mm. This result shows the feasible by comparing image resolutions with static and vibration states of the vibration platform.

Key words:TDI CCD panoramic camera,charge transfer signal in one line,FOG,resolution checker

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