DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1146.2013.00296

Journal of Electronics & Information Technology (电子与信息学报) 2013/35:12 PP.2934-2941

A Digital Video Tampering Forensics Scheme Based on Forensics Hash

Conventional techniques of passive video forensics are only effective for some specific tampering operations, and just provide the binary judgment about its trustworthiness. Compared with tampering detection, the processing history estimation is a deeper goal of forensics investigation. In this paper, a digital video tampering forensics scheme is proposed based on forensics hash. To estimate the processing history, it analyzes the artifacts of video tampering, and the statistical features of several video tampering such as adding/deleting motion object are extracted as side information. Forensics hash components are constructed for geometric transform estimation, adding/deleting video object and tampering localization. A video forensic hash platform is built in a modular way. Experimental results show that the proposed approach achieves the processing history estimation of many video tampering operations such as geometric transform, seam-carving based video retargeting, and object-based manipulation. Moreover, it realizes rough tampering localization with a relatively low computational complexity.

Key words:Image processing,Digital video forensics,Forensics hash,Processing history estimation,Content-aware video retargeting

ReleaseDate:2014-07-21 17:01:13