DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1146.2013.00369

Journal of Electronics & Information Technology (电子与信息学报) 2013/35:12 PP.2795-2801

Echo Modeling and Detection Performance of Wideband VHF Radar

Very High Frequency (VHF) radar provides an important method for stealth target detection with the target resonance effect which increases Radar Cross Section (RCS) significantly. However, the traditional narrowband VHF radar has the disadvantages of being difficult to determine optimum operating frequencies, unstable performance in low attitude, being vulnerable to interference, and so on. Wideband technology provides a way to overcome the above disadvantages. The target echo of wideband VHF radar is different from that of wideband radar in the optical region, Boeing747-200 is selected as the specific object to research wideband VHF radar target echo model and its detection performance. First, the simulated wideband echo data are obtained, and then the multiple scattering centers’ model is established based on the simulated data. Finally, the detection performance of wideband VHF radar is discussed. Results show that in the resonance region targets have the property of multiple scattering centers; the main peak intensity of the scattering center is equal to the mean value of the echo intensity of the narrowband signals in the working band; wideband VHF radar does not have the obvious detection advantage compared with the traditional narrowband VHF radar. This investigation establishes the theoretical foundation for the design of novel wideband VHF radar system with the capability of detecting stealth targets.

Key words:Very High Frequency (VHF) radar,Wideband,Echo model,Detection performance

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