DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1238.2013.00675

Journal of Hunan Agrichltural University (湖南农业大学学报) 2013/39:6 PP.675-682

Data aacquisition system for rape growth environment based on WSN

In view of the traditional acquisition means of crop growth environment data being poor real-time, high labor intensity, and considering the high cost, poor openability, of deployment of micro automatic weather stations and commercial Zigbee products , we have designed and realized a rape growth environment data acquisition system based on WSN . putting forward the lightweight energy-aware routing protocol CLFP, and giving the related design method of hardware and software. The simulation and field experiment, have shown that the temperature acquisition system accuracy can reach 0.01 ℃, humidity measurement precision is up to ± 5%, intensity collection range of light is up to 1~65 535 lx, data transmission routes can be up to 36, which can satisfy the high measurement requirements for agricultural environmental data. with the nominal power supply, the real effective working cycle of the system is more than 142 days, by taking the AT89C51 and nRF2401 as the basic hardware platform, the system is of low cost, which contributes to its large-scale deployment and application.

Key words:rape,wireless sensor network(WSN),data acquisition,single-chip microcomputer,routing protocol,computer software

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