DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1077.2010.00429

Journal of Inorganic Materials (无机材料学报) 2010/25:4 PP.429-434

Effects of WO3 Contents on the Thermal and Spectroscopic Properties of Tm3+-doped TeO2-WO3-La2O3 Glasses

Tungsten-lanthanum-tellurite (TWL) glasses with the molar composition (90-x)TeO2-xWO3-9La2O3-1Tm2O3(x=10, 20, 30(mol%)) were prepared. Effects of WO3 contents on the thermal stability and spectroscopic properties of Tm3+ doped TWL glasses were studied. It is found that the thermal stability of TWL glasses is improved with the increasing WO3 contents. For the glass with 30mol% WO3, the glass transition temperature(Tg) is 457℃, while onset crystallization temperature(Tx) is not observed in DTA curve, and the thermal expansion coefficient of the glass decreases to 1.224×10-5/℃ (30-300℃). The maximum phonon energy of the glasses shows the dependence on the host composition. The spectroscopic intensity parameters (Ωt t=2,4,6), radiative transition rates, radiative lifetimes, and branching ratios are calculated by Judd-Ofelt theory. The emission cross-section of Tm3+: 3F43H6 transition is calculated by McCu-mber theory. The maximum emission cross-section of Tm3+ in 60TeO2-30WO3-9La2O3-1Tm2O3 glass is 9.6×10-21cm2. Evaluated from the thermal and spectroscopic properties, 60TeO2-30WO3-10La2O3 glass is a promising host material for ~2.0μm laser.

Key words:tungsten-lanthanum-tellurite glass,Tm3+,thermal stability,spectroscopic properties

ReleaseDate:2014-07-21 15:16:13

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