DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1224.2013.00335

Journal of Ournal of Engineering Studies (工程研究——跨学科视野中的工程) 2013/5:4 PP.335-343

The Bottleneck and Breaking through of Chinese Engineering Technology Initiative: Interview of Scientific Thought Historian Zhu Yazong

Engineering technology initiative is an important symbol of the comprehensive national power. Chinese contemporary engineering technology initiative level is not optimistic, and has become the bottleneck of Chinese economy, culture, society, ecological innovation. In order to break through the bottleneck, first, the whole society should set up initiative consciousness, improve the management of science and technology, select and cultivate top talents and high-quality technical workers. At the same time, the most fierce competition in Chinese life period appear in the college entrance examination, while Europe and the United States appear in the doctor degree learning phase, and the latter is an important step toward creative talents. Therefore, training creative talents must strengthen the education reform, and attaches great importance to cultivate engineering technology pioneering culture.

Key words:initiative,engineering technology,science and technology talent,acculturation

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