DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1224.2013.00354

Journal of Ournal of Engineering Studies (工程研究——跨学科视野中的工程) 2013/5:4 PP.354-364

Some Key Problems of Earthquake Early Warning System Construction in China

Based on national conditions and by analyzing earthquake early warning blind area and magnitude lower limit, this paper concludes the key factors affecting earthquake early warning efficiency, and then discusses the limitations and controversies of earthquake early warning. By combining on-site and regional warning, this paper confirms the key area of China's earthquake early warning construction; and on this basis, analyzes the key of earthquake early warning system architecture design: information release and guarantee system design; and also expounds the social risks of early warning system. In general, for the future of earthquake early warning system in China, only when fully realize the risks and opportunities, use objective and scientific attitude toward each problem, make different plans in advance, allocate resources reasonably, can we establish the earthquake early warning system with social benefits.

Key words:early earthquake warning,blind area,lower limit of magnitude,key area,architecture design,social risks

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