DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1224.2013.00407

Journal of Ournal of Engineering Studies (工程研究——跨学科视野中的工程) 2013/5:4 PP.407-417

Reform of Transport Management System and Implementation of Transport Policies in the United Kingdom

By discussing the current transport management system of the UK (taking London, West Yorkshire and Edinburgh as examples) and analyzing the effects of transport system reform on the policy implementation, this paper provides valuable references for China’s transport management system reform. The UK’s transport decision-making structure has been undergone a major change in the past five decades, from central government to local authorities. Owning to the variance of transport management authority’s responsibilities of different areas, the decision-making and implementation effects of transport policies are quite different. The UK’s experiences in-dicate that, on the executive level, an integrated decision-making department is beneficial for the overall transport planning, while setting up functional departments may help policy implementation more effective. With respect to transport management power distribution, the results conclude that it is necessary to prevent from immoderate centralization of power and decentralization of power, to prevent from both low executive efficiency and coordi-nation difficulties among different levels of management authorities.

Key words:Unitied Kindom,transport,system reform,transport policy

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