DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1224.2013.00428

Journal of Ournal of Engineering Studies (工程研究——跨学科视野中的工程) 2013/5:4 PP.428-442

Research on Transition Process and Suggestion of Russian Government’s Management of Transportation

This article studies the vicissitude course, basic characteristics and experience of management of Russian’s transportation system. The paper expounds the basic situation of Russian transportation development. Combined with Russian’s special historical advance of economic and political system reform, this paper analyzes national economic and social background for the development of national transportation from the Soviet union to the Russian federation period, and describes the transportation management system changes. Then, the paper analyzes the current government’s management of transportation, the main organization form, the basic responsibility of the management, and the characteristics of the current management system. Based on the above, the paper summarizes the development lessons and suggestions from the Russian government’s management of transportation, which aim to support the transportation development in the context of the estab-lishment of Chinese super Ministry of Transport.

Key words:Russia,transportation,management system,transition of government’s management,suggestion.

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