DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1249.2018.04362

Journal of Shenzhen University Science and Engineering (深圳大学学报理工版) 2018/35:4 PP.362-367

Improvement and application of injection parameters optimization method for polymer flooding in heterogeneous reservoirs

The optimization of injection parameters is the key to the improvement of both the technical and economic performances of polymer flooding in heterogeneous reservoirs. This injection parameter optimization is a kind of large-scale complicated optimization problem, yet a lack of efficient solutions. In this paper, a new method is proposed using the simultaneous perturbation stochastic approximation algorithm (SPSA-FDG) led by the finite difference of stochastic approximation (FDSA). Thus, the approximated gradient ratio of each control variable is similar to that of FDSA algorithm in the iteration process. The studies show that the precision of gradient estimation using SPSA-FDG algorithm is higher than that using SPSA algorithm, and the convergence of SPSA-FDG algorithm is better than that of FDSA and SPSA algorithm. In addition, the SPSA-FDG algorithm could also keep the advantages of SPSA algorithm which undergoes only twice reservoir numerical simulations at each iteration. Under the condition of same polymer injection amount, the net present value of optimal polymer flooding injection scheme by the SPSA-FDG algorithm is 11.64% higher than that of uniformity design, which helps achieve the better economic performance of polymer flooding.

Key words:oilfield development,heterogeneous reservoir,polymer flooding,index function,optimization method,algorithm application

ReleaseDate:2018-07-26 10:51:02

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