DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1140.2013.06165

Marine Geology & Quaternary Geology (海洋地质与第四纪地质杂志) 2013/33:6 PP.165-172


The 137Cs tracer method was used for estimate of soil erosion in the Daguhe River Basin.Also discussed are the process and features of erosion,the relationships between soil erosion and the erosional depth and soil granularity.The soil erosion modulus of the Xiaoguhe River and the upper Daguhe River is468t/(km2·a)and 308t/(km2·a)respectively,both belonging to moderate water erosion.In soil profiles,137Cs is mainly concentrated below about 30cm in depth.No peak has been found in top soils.There is an obvious positive correlation between 137Cs concentrations and soil grain sizes,especially for the soils bigger than 4Φ(0.063mm).It is inferred that 137Cs was mainly adsorbed on the surface of silly sand and clay minerals,rather than coarse particles.

Key words:137Cs,soil erosion,the Daguhe River Basin

ReleaseDate:2016-08-31 18:47:08

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