DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1142.2013.60540

Plant Science Journal (植物科学学报) 2013/31:6 PP.540-544

Morphological Description and Taxonomy of Compsopogon sp. (Compsopogonaceae,Rhodophyta) from Guangdong Province

Compsopogon specimens were collected in Dingnanshui River from Longchuan County,Guangdong Province in August 2009.The morphological characters of the specimen were similar to Compsopogon caeruleus and C.sparsus.Plants were 10-18 cm high and 180-270 μm in diameter,main axes were slight constricted.Axial cells were nearly spherical and spheroidic,100-110 μm high and 150-200 μm in diameter.Cross wall was constricted apparently.Cortical cells were one layered while 2-3 layered at constricted axial cells,polygonal or ovoid shaped,25-35 μm long,20-25 μm in diameter.Branching horizontal and lateral,some basal cells specialized as rhizoid on the plants.Apex of branches acuminate,acute or binary.Monosporangia spherical,10-14 μm in diameter.The specimen may be a transitive type of C.caeruleus and C.sparsus in evolution.

Key words:Morphological characters,Taxonomy,Compsopogon,Guangdong

ReleaseDate:2015-04-15 13:22:50

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