DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1226.2013.00709

Sciences in Cold and Arid Regions 2013/5:6 PP.709-714

The change of Ningchan River Glacier No.3 at Lenglongling, east Qilian Mountain, China

In July,2009,we investigated the Ningchan River Glacier No.3.A control network was established around the glacier and the expedition used a GPS-RTK to measure glacial area,terminal and surface altitude,and used an EKKO GPR to measure glacier thickness.We used a topographic map based on 1972 aerial photo,two TM images in 1995,2009,and GPS-RTK data in 2009,to analyze the change of the Ningchan River Glacier No.3 since 1972.Through analysis we found this glacier has been seriously shrinking over the past 37 years.The glacier terminal retreated about 6%,the area was reduced about13.1%,the volume was reduced about 35.3%,and glacier shrinkage is mainly in the form of thinning.Glacier average thickness reduced from 36.8 m in 1972,to 27.4 m in 2009.Meteorological data around the study area shows that this region in recent decades has undergone differential warming which is the main reason for rapid glacier shrinkage.

Key words:Ningchan River Glacier No.3,Qilian Mountains,glacier changes,glacier shrink

ReleaseDate:2015-04-17 09:59:11

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