DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1201.2011.01139

South-to-North Water Diversion and Water Science & Technology (南水北调与水利科技) 2011/9:1 PP.139-144

Analysis of Water Chemistry Characteristics and Evolution Trends of Groundwater in Tangshan Costal Areas

On the basis of water chemistry data of surface water,shallow and deep groundwater in Tangshan costal areas,the paper discussed the distribution of water chemistry types,the main causes of water chemistry and its evolution trends.The results showed that the water chemistry types in Tangshan costal areas presented some horizontal zoning regularity.The continuous and excessive exploitation of groundwater in this area caused the salinization of shallow groundwater and the increase in hardness of deep groundwater.Besides,results from an inverse hydrologic geochemistry reaction-path modeling of the deep groundwater in this area indicated that the deep groundwater mainly experienced the processes including the dissolution of calcites,dolomites,halites and fluorites,the precipitation of gypsums,and the cation exchange,during which the concentrations of Na+ and Cl- increased while those of Ca2+ and SO42- decreased and the water chemistry type turned from HCO3-Na to HCO3·Cl-Na.

Key words:water chemistry,major ion,geochemistry modeling

ReleaseDate:2014-07-21 15:59:14

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