DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1011.2010.00164

Chinese Journal of Eco-Agriculture (中国生态农业学报) 2010/18:1 PP.164-169

Evaluation of comprehensive benefit of rice-fish agriculture and rice monocropping—A case study of Qingtian County, Zhejiang Province

Agriculture is the backbone of national economies of developing countries. On the one hand, the development of modern agriculture and agricultural mechanization plays an important role in food supply. On the other hand, some outstanding traditional agricultural models are better adapted for mountainous areas. The value of rice-fish agriculture and rice monocropping in Qingtian County of Zhejiang Province was comprehensively evaluated using ecological economic models. Results of the study show that net income from rice-fish agriculture is 2 184 Yuan·hm-2 higher than that of rice monocropping. However, there is an additional cost of 1 453 Yuan per hectare, implying that Return on Investment (ROI) of rice-fish agriculture is less than that of rice monocropping. Furthermore, ecological service value and comprehensive benefit of rice-fish agriculture are 7 447 Yuan·hm-2 and 9 631 Yuan·hm-2 higher respectively than those of rice monocropping, and ROI and ROI% are higher in rice-fish agriculture than rice monocropping. To adopt the rice-fish agriculture widely as it contributes more to society and the ecosystem, the government compensation should be provided to farmer with a base point of 6 532 Yuan·hm-2 and upper limit of 16 045 Yuan·hm-2.

Key words:Rice-fish agriculture, Rice monocropping, Comprehensive benefit, Compensation standard

ReleaseDate:2014-07-21 15:02:08

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