DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1249.2016.05464

Journal of Shenzhen University Science and Engineering (深圳大学学报理工版) 2016/33:5 PP.464-469

Influence of the vertical-reverse transportation on the transportation cost of open-pit mines

The issue of first downhill and then uphill for open-pit mine transport equipment in the transport processis is raised as a problem of vertical reverse transportation(VRT). It is well known that, in actual production, only the cost of overcoming vertical difference between the starting and ending points has been already considered while the transport cost of the VRT is ignored. When the VRT occurs, the other three parts should be added into the transport costs, including the increased power consumption, the speed loss during the downhill and uphill of the transport equipment, and the increased machinery wear and tear. By taking Heidaigou open-pit coal mine as an example, this paper quantifies the additional value of open-pit transport costs when the VRT occurs, and provides a more accurate model for the open-pit transport costs, so as to provide the basis for the design and management of the pit haulage system.

Key words:mining engineering,open-pit mine,vertical upgrade,vertical-reverse transportation,material flow scheduling and optimizating,transportation cost quantification,open haulage system

ReleaseDate:2016-09-27 14:21:22

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