DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1249.2018.04405

Journal of Shenzhen University Science and Engineering (深圳大学学报理工版) 2018/35:4 PP.405-412

An BP neural network image restoration method based on differential evolution optimization

Aiming at the problems of slow convergence and local minimum of the back-propagating (BP) neural network, an image restoration method based on random scaling-differential evolution (RSDE) is proposed. In the proposed method, the noise-free images are blurred by the Gaussian noise. The blurred images and noise-free images are set to the training pairs, which are used to train and optimize the proposed RSDE-BP method. The optimized BP neural network is utilized to restore the testing images and remove the noises. The experimental results show that the convergence rate of the RSDE-BP algorithm is faster and the number of iterations is less than the traditional BP method, the PSO-BP method and the DE-BP method. In addition, the peak signal to noise ratio (PSNR) and the structural similarity (SSIM) are improved. Compared with the adaptive total variation (ATV) image deblurring method and the blurred image restoration method based on the second-order total generalized variation (TGV) regularization, the RSDE-BP method can effectively restore the images polluted by the noise and blur, while preserving the image texture and details more effectively.

Key words:image processing,blurred image,image restoration,BP neural network,differential evolution,peak signal to noise ratio,structural similarity

ReleaseDate:2018-07-26 10:51:03

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